Global Mission Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering third world native ministers with self-sustaining income opportunities through micro-finance capital access. In places of extreme poverty, where there is great need, local ministers must be freed from dependence on foreign funding. To do so, we need to find creative ways to help establish local avenues of income. The problem though, that many face in the third world, is that there is very little access to capital; and in this world, without money it’s nearly impossible to make money. So the poor always depend on someone else, and ministerial ambitions are stifled by lack of funds or strings-attached giving. GMF looks to solve this problem by making capital available in the form of micro-loans. After an applicant vetting process, which includes the submission of a business plan to GMF, recipients receive a loan with established repayment terms. A loan fee is included, which enables the fund to grow and provide additional loans to new applicants. 
Understand Christian Microfinance
India and beyond
If you give a man a fish


Manik’s Fishery
GMF extends 75,000 Rupee loan for fishery project in Kolkata, India!
Sudhir’s Rickshaw
GMF finances rickshaw taxi for local village pastor in India!


Fund a New Project

There are several native ministers that the GMF leadership team is currently evaluating for acceptance into the fund. You can fully or partially fund a project by clicking the link below. 
GMF is recognized as a tax exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service.  Donations to the fund are tax deductible. 
View our IRS determination letter here.
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Pastor Mike & Jyoti Van Buskirk
Founders of Soul Purpose Ministries, Embassy of Hope, and Hope Home in Sikkim India, with a vision to win souls in India and beyond. Visit to connect.
Eric & Anita Billings
Business consultant and resident of the Atlanta, Georgia metro area.
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